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Some may recall the story about a man who went to the doctor because his whole body hurt. From the top of his head to the bottom of his feet, he was in pain. He explained to the doctor that touching any part of his body caused him anguish. The doctor said that this was, indeed, an unusual condition and attempted to diagnose his malady by first asking him to touch his forehead. The man did so and proceeded to howl in pain. The physician then told him to touch his elbow, and again the man complied and cried out in agony. The same thing happened when the doctor asked him to touch his knee and his toe. At long last, he provided a diagnosis by saying, “You have a dislocated finger”.

Everything felt wrong, but, in fact, there was only one actual problem. If the injured man could take care of the one real issue, then all the other pain he felt he was experiencing would be eradicated. Many of us feel that our day-to-day lives, our direction, our purpose, and our relationships have culminated into a multitude of problems.

In our new series, I want to talk to you about the one thing that is needed in our lives. If we get the one thing right, it affects everything. It is the centerpiece of godly living and of our very existence and meaning in life. What is it? The one thing needed is to be centered in Christ so that He is the priority in every area of life. As Paul said in Colossians 1:18, “... that in all things, Christ might have the preeminence”. The old saying goes, “first things first”, but without this “first thing,” none of the other things matter. Find out why Jesus is not just the key to Christianity, but to your experience with God.

Pastor Rob

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