It is our goal to have every member of our church involved in either a Connect Group or another similar small group experience. While most groups are sermon-based, some are special interest groups focusing on topics such as parenting, marriage recovery, and Christian basics for new believers. If you have any questions about joining a Connect Group or would like more information, please contact the Church Office at 336.996.7573 or email Connect Group Director, Jason Shuler at

Click on the "view" to meet the leaders

view Singles   Keith Smith   Wednesday, 7PM   Open
view Singles   Jeremy Chandler   Wednesday, 7PM   Full
view  Young Adults   Ashley Hurd   Monday, 7PM   Open
view Young Families   Daniel Caviness   Wednesday, 7:30PM   Open
view Young Families   Eric Hoefler   Wednesday, 7PM   Full
view Young Families   Jason Shuler   Tuesday, 7PM   Full
view Young Families   Zach Watson   Thursday, 7PM   Open
view Young Families   Brad Glisson   Wednesday, 7PM
view Parents of K-6   Scott Adamsons   Thursday, 7PM   Open
view Parents of K-6   Braden McKinley   Monday, 6PM   Full
view Parents of K-6   Bret Yates   Wednesday, 6PM   Open
view Parents of Teens   Mitch White   Wednesday, 6:30PM
view  Empty Nest   Ray Caudle   Wednesday, 7PM   Full
view Empty Nest   Terry Corns   Sunday, 5:30PM   Full
view Empty Nest   Dave Caranci   Thursday, 7PM   Full
view   Empty Nest   Wayne Thompson   Wednesday, 7PM   Full
view Empty Nest   Alan Ferry   Wednesday, 7PM   Open
view  Senior Adults   Fred Mark   Thursday, 6:30PM   Full
view  Senior Adults   Dan Parsons    Thursday, 7PM   Full
view Multi-Generational   Wes Bowman   Sunday, 5:30PM   Full
view Multi-Generational   Duane Cross   Thursday, 7PM   Open
view  Multi-Generational   Jim Dumont    Friday, 7PM   Full
view Women   Terri Prescott   Thursday, 9:30AM   Open
view Women   Linda Cross   Tuesday, 7:00PM   Full
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