Missions is at the heart of all that we do as Christians. Through missions we strive to complete the Great Commission Jesus gave us, and we learn to love the world as God the Father loves it. Matthew 28:18-20 And Jesus came and said to them, "All authority in heaven and on earth has been given to me. Go therefore and make disciples of all nations, baptizing them in the name of the Father and of the Son and of the Holy Spirit, teaching them to observe all that I have commanded you. And behold, I am with you always, to the end of the age."

Triad Baptist Church supports missionaries in over 21 different countries on six continents and several different missions projects around the world. Four of our missionaries claim Triad Baptist as their sending church. Through missions we see the impact of the Holy Spirit as He uses us to reach those who need Christ. The opportunities for normal, everyday Christians to become involved in short-term international missions are now limitless. Every corner of the world is available to you. You were saved to serve, and made to go out and spread the Good News.

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Read More about our Missions Program at TBC here: "What in the world are we doing?"

World Fest


   John & Shelia Ahern- Missions to the Military  
   Jonathan & Michelle Archer- Togo, Africa    ABWE      
   Brian & Lynn Baker- USA- Word of Life Ministries  
   Baptist Mid Missions          
   Craig & Megan Beatty- Spain- ABWE          
   Larry & Claire Boggs- Guatemala- Central Missionary Clearinghouse           
   Ryan & Stephanie Buczak- Togo, Africa- ABWE  
   Daryl & Leah Burnette- Mozambique- World Venture  
   Mark & Celeste Clark- Scripture Memory Mountain           
   Mike & Jeannette Clark- Alaska- Baptist Mid Missions           
   Aaron & Stephanie Cochrell- Peru- Baptist Mid Missions           
   Adam & Faith Drake- Togo, Africa- ABWE          
   Wayne & Sue Fair- Papua New Guinea- Word for the World Baptist Mission          
   Kurt & Lisa Fenton- New Zealand- Calvary Baptist Church           
   Jason & Rachel Fletcher- Columbia, South America- ABWE  
  The Gideons International           
   Hearts & Hope Global           
   Paul & Penny Hesman- South Africa- ABWE          
   Keith & Jody Hudak- Spain- ABWE  
   Danny & Jan Ingram- Alaska- Baptist Mid Missions  
   Dave & Sandy Kelly- Caribbean Territory- Word of Life Ministries           
   Dexter & Jackelle Kirby- St. Vincent- Independent Faith Mission  
   Cory Knight- Paraklete Ministries           
   Randy & Patricia Laase- France- Baptist Mid Missions           
   Zeke & Megan Magill- Papua New Guinea- ABWE          
   Joe & Amy Marshall- Benin, Africa- Faith Baptist Mission          
   Rev. Billy Martin           
   Rodney & Deanna May- Shannon Park Baptist Church- Fairbanks, Alaska          
   Patrick & Wanda Melton- Japan- Baptist World Missions           
   Tim & Kim Melton- Japan- Baptist World Missions          
   Ronnie Morales- Philippines- Independent Baptist Asian Mission  
   Brent Myers- South Africa- Biblical Ministry Worldwide           
   James & Hodges Nash- Brazil- Calvary Baptist Church          
   Santiago & Jackie Orlutegui- Pathway College Outreach           
  James & Lauren Peavey- Dominican Republic            
   Piedmont International Univerisity           
   Rodney Poplin- South Africa- ABWE  
   David & Liz Roach- AWANA Clubs International           
   Lovimie Roda- Philippines- Independent Baptist Asian Mission  
   Jonathan & Hannah Romaine- Spain- Baptist Mid Missions  
   Andrew & Romina Self- Argentina- Baptist Mid Missions          
   Mark & Anahi Self- Argentina- Baptist Mid Missions          
   Brian & Louann Shannon- Arizona- Indepedent Baptist Indian Mission           
   Joel & Beverly Shoaf- New Zealand- Baptist Mid Missions  
   Grant & Rebecca Skelton- China- Baptist Fellowship International           
   Dr. Wes & Maria Smith- Dominican Republic- Daystar Baptist Missions          
   Cletis & Tammy Titus- Jamaica- Baptist Mid Missions  
   Donald & Leanne Waite- Slovakia- Baptist Mid Missions  
  Nathan & Carol Watkins- New York City- Serving Nigerian Immigrants            
   Art & Peggy Williams- Bible Open Air Missions           
   Winston Salem Rescue Mission          
   Koffi & Elisabeth Wodome- Togo, Africa- Independent Gospel Mission          


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