Church is so much more than a service on the weekend. It’s about connecting with other people, growing in your faith, and building a strong foundation for your family. We work hard to provide many ways to get involved. Check out some of the ways you can serve below!

Serve Teams

Baptism: The Baptism Team coordinates the service with candidates and staff. Other responsibilities include: contacting the candidates and scheduling a pre baptism meeting, serving during the Baptism service, assisting candidates getting in/out of the pool, draining/cleaning the  baptismal pool and robes/towels, and filling out baptism certificates and Bibles.

Benevolence:: The goal of the Benevolence Team is to help people who are in financial need. The team members prayerfully consider every applicant and try to meet the most urgent needs by providing assistance with household bills, groceries, utilities, and basic necessities of living. Each application is considered on a case-by-case basis.

Creative Communications: The Creative Communications team works with TBC's Creative Communication Director on special events, social media, marketing, writing, photography, and advertising. 

Decorating/Events Team: Enhancing the look of the campus during season changes and special events are the primary focus of the Decorating/Events Team.  

Finance Counters: What is it? A ministry charged with counting and reporting the total of funds received from any collection received during a service or event held @ TBC. The total funds collected alone with a summary report for an event is then secured for later accounting to be done by TBC staff.

Who comprise the Counters Ministry function? TBC members who serve on the Finance Committee and Counters Committee. On an annual and needed basis, the TBC Nominating Committee selects TBC members to request he/she consider service of a three year term on either or both committees. Any nominee then must pass the majority vote of the TBC congregation.

Who actually counts a given collection? Normally, one member from the Finance Committee and two members from the Counters Committee are included for a counting event.

How are counters scheduled? Depending on the pool of committee members, counters are usually scheduled arbitrarily for 4 to 6 weeks for any services or events that occur during a given time. For example, a counter is scheduled for all Sunday and Wednesday services for the 2nd weeks of the months of May, June, July & August…or for the 1st, 3rd, 4th, 5th weeks. Also assigned for that given period will be other counters representing either the Finance or Counters Committees.

When is actual counting done? Counting on Sunday mornings is usually done @10:30AM for both the Praise/Worship and Traditional services. Normally it takes about an hour to count both services. On Wednesday night service, counting is done immediately after the collection is made from the congregation. For any other special event, the counting function will be decided depending on the circumstances, that is, the counting will be done either during or immediately after the event.

First Response: First Responders are a group of men and women that serve on Sunday mornings during both services, Sunday Evening, and during special events. (Easter Drama, Vacation Bible School, Fall Festival, Thanksgiving meal, and Christmas Drama)

We are the first to respond to medical issues and security issues. When needed, we summons more advanced medical care on medical issues or render basic first aid. We are the eyes and ears of the Church and are always on watch for any security issues, which need to be addressed. If needed, we will summons the Police for assistance with security issues.

As a First responder you will be assigned to one of the following tasks when you serve. Monitor the Gym lobby, monitor the Kids Street lobby, walk the halls, sit in the service, or work the control room. You will serve and receive basic training with another First Responder prior to serving on your own.

Board members are chosen from the First Responder team, voted on by the Church and serve for a period of three years.

Food & Fellowship: The Food and Fellowship Committee prepares and serves meals for a number of events throughout the year. From small group meetings to church-wide celebrations, we feed the family. 

Greeters: There are four primary functions of the guest services/greeting ministry – Greeting, Hospitality Room, Parking Attendants, and Bread Deliveries.

Ladies Event Planning Team: We have 3 events each year that we design, plan and coordinate. Everyone on the team shares the responsibilities and works together. There might be times that you can’t participate in every aspect of the event and that is OK. That is why we are TEAM. It takes more than 1 person to put an event together. You might be thinking “I don’t have the talent to decorate or to cook.” Not a problem! Perhaps you enjoy organizing games and crafts, perhaps you enjoy helping behind the scenes. There are many things to do and you don’t have to be qualified or a professional. Just a willing heart and helping hand is all that it takes. We have a FB page that allows us to update everyone quickly on various items such as communication from the church, details such as centerpieces, budget, etc. We meet once a month. Perhaps you are interested but would like more information or you want to go ahead and join. What do you do? Just tell us! There is no obligation. If you’d like to join we will submit your name to the Serve Team.

Lord's Supper: Lord's Supper Ministry meets once a quarter to prepare the bread and wine for communion. We usually meet an hour before the service to allow for the preparation. After the service, we clear the communion table and wash the bread and wine containers. Many hands make light work. Time is minimal and it is a great time of fellowship.

Men's Fellowship: Men's fellowship has breakfast the third Saturday of every month. They also do a dinner during missions conference each year and then they have one or two special events during the summer.

Missions Team: Are you interested in being a part of advancing the Gospel both here and abroad? Then the Mission's Team is for you. The Mission Team selects, supports and encourages over forty foreign and domestic missionaries through monthly meetings and our annual World Fest.

Parking: An extension of the Greeter Team, the Parking Ministry is responsible for providing a warm and friendly first welcome to Triad Baptist Church guests and members and golf-cart shuttle transportation to and from the parking lot to the Worship Center doors on Sundays and during church musicals, concerts, and other events hosted by TBC.

Given our role, we’re usually the first people guests encounter and an important part of delivering a good first impression and experience – continued by the Greeter Team and others inside the Worship Center and by Kids Street Children’s Ministry volunteers at the CheckPoint check-in station.

In addition to the ability to drive golf carts safely and with a smile, parkers also need to be familiar with the campus (including entrances and ministry locations, service times, Sunday School meeting times and other information) to answer guest questions.

Recreation: The recreation ministry is an outreach of Triad Baptist Church to engage members and our community in recreational sports with a goal of pointing people towards Christ. This is done through Upwards sports for our children in flag football, cheerleading, basketball and soccer. For adults there is men's softball, basketball, volleyball, and soccer.

Usher: The purpose of the church usher team is to serve God by providing worshipers a welcome greeting, the ability to ask questions, and to provide seating according to their specific needs or requests. The usher team is also responsible for reverently gathering all offerings that they do not “as unto men, but unto God”. They are also watchful over the congregation to facilitate an uninterrupted service for all to Praise and Worship God.

Wedding Team: The Wedding Teams consists of people who enjoy coordinating and directing weddings for members.

Are You Ready to Serve?

Involvement in ministry is a life of service for Jesus, like Jesus, and with Jesus. In fact, it’s all about Jesus. Now if that’s not a reason to serve, I don’t know what is!

Please email us at if you would like more information about one of our exciting SERVE opportunities!


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